Wagamama Prices in the UK

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From roadside food to deluxe cuisine, you will never know what British people can offer. But all the restaurants share the same features, i.e. Fresh and quality ingredients, fine cooking, and courteous service. Besides signature British Fish & Chips, you can also taste authentic Chinese hot pot, Japanese Sushi, Italian, French, Meditteranean cuisine, etc. Foodmenuprice has already selected out several restaurants for you. Wagamama Near Me

Perfect to share or pair with meal
Edamame £4.35
wok-fried greens £4.35
raw salad £3.50
goma wakame salad £4.35
pork ribs £6.75
grilled pork bulgogi wraps £5.75
lollipop prawn kushiyaki £6.25
chilli squid £5.80
tori kara age £5.25
mushroom onigiri £5.50
chicken gyoza £5.80
yasai gyoza £5.75
duck gyoza £5.90
ebi gyoza £5.95
pulled pork gyoza £5.90
miso soup and japanese pickles £1.95
a tea-stained egg £1.00
japanese pickles £1.00
kimchee £1.00
chillies £1.00
brown rice £2.00
white rice £2.00
noodles £2.00
Big bowls of Rice, meat and vegetables
cha han £8.25
yasai cha han £7.75
teriyaki donburi (chicken) £9.50
teriyaki donburi (beef) £10.95
chicken katsu curry £9.75
grilled chicken katsu curry £9.75
yasai katsu curry £8.95
raisukaree (chicken) £10.95
raisukaree (prawn) £11.95
surendra's curry (yasal) £8.95
surendra's curry (chicken) £10.95
surendra's curry (tilapia fish) £10.95
kare lomen (chicken) £10.45
kare lomen (prawn) £11.50
itame (chicken) £10.45
itame (prawn) £11.50
itame (yasal) £9.25
Noodles that are cooked on a flat griddle
yaki soba £8.25
yasai yaki soba £7.75
teriyaki soba (salmon) £12.25
teriyaki soba (beef) £13.95
yaki udon £8.95
ginger chicken udon £9.50
wagamama pad-thai (chicken and prawns) £9.95
wagamama pad-thai (yasal) £8.95
Huge bowls of soup and noodles
chicken ramen £8.95
wagamama ramen £10.25
grilled duck ramen £12.95
chilli ramen (chicken) £10.25
chilli ramen (beef) £12.95
saien soba £9.25
pork ramen £9.25
coconut seafood broth £12.95
Chilli Dishes
chilli men (chicken) £10.95
chilli men (prawn) £11.95
yasai chilli men £9.50
firecracker (chicken) £9.95
firecracker (prawns) £10.95
mandarin and sesame chicken salad £10.25
warm tofu chilli salad £9.25
warm chilli chicken salad £9.75
grilled tuna with stir-fried vegetables £11.15
Fresh Juices
All fresh juices are 3.50 (Regular) and 4.50 (Large)  

* Disclaimer: Information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current price and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.

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