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From roadside food to deluxe cuisine, you will never know what British people can offer. But all the restaurants share the same features, i.e. Fresh and quality ingredients, fine cooking, and courteous service. Besides signature British Fish & Chips, you can also taste authentic Chinese hot pot, Japanese Sushi, Italian, French, Meditteranean cuisine, etc. Foodmenuprice has already selected out several restaurants for you. Leon Near Me

Hot Boxes
Served with Italian brown rice & fresh slaw
Chargrilled Chicken Aioli £6.80
Chargrilled Chilli Chicken £6.50
Chicken & Chorizo Club £6.95
Sweet Potato Falafel £5.95
Lunch Boxes
Served with Italian brown rice
The Leon Gobi £3.95
Thai Green Curry £4.95
Chicken Lemon & Olive Tagine £5.45
Moroccan Meatballs £3.95
Superfood Salads
Chargrilled Chicken Superfood (In) £5.80
Chargrilled Chicken Superfood (Out) £6.95
Chargrilled Chicken & Chorizo Club (In) £5.95
Chargrilled Chicken & Chorizo Club (Out) £7.15
Original Superfood (In) £4.80
Original Superfood (Out) £5.75
Shredded Kale & Peanut (In) £2.95
Shredded Kale & Peanut (Out) £3.55
Ham Hock & Lentil Salad £4.65
Ham Hock & Lentil Salad £5.60
The Leon Chicken Burger £5.75
The Eden Burger £6.25
The Bunless Eden Burger £5.75
Chargrilled Aioli Chicken £4.80
Sweet Potato Falafel £4.25
Chicken & Chorizo Club £4.95
Fish Finger £4.60
Grilled Halloumi £4.55
Sides & Snack Pots
Leon Baked Fries £2.35
Crushed Pea Salad Pot £2.30
Hummus & Khobez Flatbread £2.65
Leon Fresh Slaw £2.30
Poached Egg Pots
Poached Egg & Truffle Gruyere £1.95
Poached Egg with Ham Truffle Gruyere £2.35
Full English Breakfast Pot £2.35
Smoked Salmon & Avocado Pot £2.95
Poached Egg & Saucy Beans £1.95
Poached Egg with Chorizo & Saucy Beans £2.35
Poached Egg with Ham & Saucy Beans £2.35
Good Morning Muffins
Sausage Muffin £2.95
Smoked Salmon & Egg Muffin £3.75
Bacon & Egg Muffin £3.75
Bacon Muffin £2.95

* Disclaimer: Information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current price and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.

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